University of New Orleans Nims Center Studios Feature Film Internship Program
Contact: Professor Hamp Overton, Feature Film Internship Coordinator, FAX 504-280-6318
Department of Drama and Communications,
Performing Arts Center, Lakefront Campus, New Orleans LA 70148 --504-280-6317

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Please read and sign the following set of guidelines if you agree to abide by the conditions of internship and meet all qualifications listed below:

I am enrolled full time at the University of New Orleans in the Department of Drama and Communications and am available to work in a production internship position for 12 hours per week or a total of 180 hours per 3 hours of university credit. I am aware that I may work additional time but will not receive additional academic credit. (Through special arrangement interns may receive 1 credit hour or 2 credit hours for less than 180 hours per semester).

I will provide my own auto insurance and transportation to and from the Nims Center Studio as well as to any non-studio locations at which the film is being shot. I further attest that I have an overall grade point average of 2.7 at the University of New Orleans and am taking this internship for academic credit.

I am aware that I must interview with a representative of the production company and will not be assigned to an internship position without an official offer directly from the production company. I further understand that my internship can be terminated for unprofessional attitude and behavior, lack of attendance, or any other reason given by the production company. I am aware that if I am terminated that I will not receive credit for my activity in the internship program. Furthermore, I am aware that I will be required to maintain a production diary/log to be submitted along with other written assignments. In addition, I will attend all required internship meetings throughout the semester.

I will provide proof of liability, medical and automobile insurance to the producer's representative offering the internship.

Signature of Applicant _______________________________________________________________________ Date_________

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Producer's Representative:____________________________________________________________________Date_________
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