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"Murray Roth's Informal Q & A Session with Chris Stelly
Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment Industry"

DECEMBER 12, 2015 2pm-3:30 pm
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The Louisian Film Professionals Network is made possible by the Nims Center's outreach committment to emerging Louisiana film professionals who are on their way to building professional careers in the motion picture industry.Louisiana's content producing industry is slowly developing. Film studios, sound stages, prop houses, equipment rental, external goods and below the line services are being established here in Louisiana. In order to thrive they need a steady stream of production activity. For now the stream is provided by outside sources such as Hollywood film studios, television networks and independent producers. Louisiana needs to anchor it's entertainment industry by creating self-generating content. Once films, television shows and web series are being written and directed by Louisiana film professionals the industry will have longevity and truly become a vital job-creating, economic development engine for the state.

LFPN provides filmmakers with opportunities to meet with other local professionals and to assess and comment on each other's work. The UNO Nims Center's commitment to LFPN allows local filmmakers to show their work in an amazing HD screening room and to discuss projects in studios and conference rooms. Filmmakers are encouraged to show works in progress, finished works, sizzle reels or set up staged readings of scripts.

The Nims Center will offer workshops, equipment demonstrations, technical assistance, auditioning opportunities and collective career advice from LFPN members and guest industry professionals.

Socializing and sharing career ideas and advice will be important to us as we work toward the common goal of growing an established base of Louisiana film industry professionals.

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